OMEGA’s Heritage -The only watch when the world is not enough

“In 1899, a British artillery officer got dozens of OMEGA prior to his departure to Africa. He witnessed first hand the physical endurance of the watches in extreme cold and heat with continuous strong rains and sandstorms (from OMEGA website)”.


Their watch worn at the back of the hand adorned with diamonds and rubies in 1929 to innovative watchmaking are the bedrock of OMEGA’s heritage. The prestigious Swiss watchmaker  OMEGA is celebrated for ingenuity in sports timekeeping, the choice of 007 that extricated him numerous times throughout his battles with evils of the world, and notably the OMEGA‘s advocacy on behalf of worthy organizations.

omega-image-3I can write pages on their craftsmanship, precision, mechanism, the horological quality, legacy of innovation or the revolutionary movement in their collections Speedmaster’57’, the world’s most famous chronograph Moonwatch, Planet Ocean 600M perfect for divers, the special commemorative watches such as Olympics time-keeper editions or James Bond’s Seamaster Diver 300M, still their commitment to improve vulnerable situations around the world and their emotional connection to our planet is compelling.


OMEGA‘s partnership with Viva Rio, a non-profit organization that fosters a culture of peace and social inclusion in Brazil is a remarkable undertaking. They support 12 “Social Action” projects to engage, motivate and educate local community by refurbishing, creating workshops or providing the necessary equipments for youth apprentice centres. Thanks to these workshops, the centres train young generation become community correspondents to shed light on complications and difficult situation that their  communities such as favelas live through. Enabling an understanding of helpless situation of young immigrant community of Rio to ease the integration. Expanding after school support and creating a multi media hub to equip and nurture young entrepreneurs.


A portion of the proceeds from the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M help fund conservation projects in Indonesia. GoodPlanet Foundation and OMEGA  launched a “Time for Planet” a three-year projects to regenerate the ecosystem and bring awareness of challenges the local population face to maintain their natural habitat. The projects focus on restoring the mangroves and preservation of seagrass through participation of local communities. The mangroves are shields between the land and the sea, prevent soil erosion and are the breeding grounds for several marine organisms. Hence, the economic repercussions are significant. The seagrass, the “hotspot” providing habitat for key species and vital to maintain ecosystem functions like flood protection are crucial to prosperity of Indonesian coastal communities.


Besides donating a portion of  De Ville Prestige Orbis to Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital to help restore a child’s sight, OMEGA’s partnership with Solar Impulse Project whose team proudly orbited the globe in an airplane powered only by the sun are unsurpassed legacy by OMEGA the Swiss watchmaker.


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