How to Improve Your Strategic Thinking

Alleviating fear of change and playing on what if scenarios is what makes a great strategist. People change, realities change, perspectives change, preferences change, as Heraclitus famously said: “The only thing that is constant is the change”.

Visionaries don’t hold anything sacred. Certainly, they don’t classify concepts, people or circumstances into bad or good files but look into future and are torch bearers of progress without any sense of entitlement.

Great strategists live in the future, they consume, learn and extract the essential to recognise the wave of change. They assimilate the latest news across many industries that influence people’s social, financial interests and behaviours. They can notice complicated cultural shifts and simplify the concepts. A good strategist builds a compelling narrative and generates excitement.  Their rhetoric is founded in adaptation, remodelling, reshaping, a metamorphosis simply what the future will look like.

Adapting this mindset is the most critical step in being a brilliant strategist. Develop the attitude; solutions will materialise.

How do you habituate this constructive view? 

1- Observe the cultural transformation. For example, the institutions are no longer the authority.  The emergence of peer to peer transaction in the financial industry to self-help and pursuit of individuality are the wave of change that will significantly affect the future.

2-  Forget what has been and look into desirable possibilities. Ask yourself what is my strongest point or the foundation of my brand that can solve many problems? Once identified, the additional assumptions will be removed and deliberately our choices guide us to solutions reaching the desired possibility.

3- Observe actions. As our common truth changes, people attention and desires change. Pay attention to how people are spending their time and money. Building your thinking process around your observations leads to an effective strategy.

4- Develop a daily routine and incorporate technology resources for efficiency and an increase in productivity. Subscribe to a daily analysis of your line of interests. Look into sub-culture news and controversial ideas that are infiltrating the mainstream conversation. Connect with people to share and gain different views and perspectives. Visit museums and galleries, follow influencers. As for efficiency, use apps to stream your social media, explore and receive real-time headlines of news.

On a final note, brushing past fixed ideas, listening attentively with an ability to understand and re-imagine the world are the keys to becoming a great strategist.



Featured image: by Meryl McMaster, a Canadian photographer whose best-known work explores her Indigenous heritage. 

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