Do you Lie, Cheat & Steal!

Lie to your mind, cheat fear, and steal back the phenomenal confidence you were born with.

Marisa Peer

The only evaluation that matters regarding your self-worth is your own! When it comes to changing a destructive behaviour or the “not good enough” mindset, the no. 1 focus must be stopping the negative self-talk and commanding your brain to believe in the new desired way of thinking. According to new psychological research involving the University of Warwick: “You can hack your brain to form good habits — like going to the gym and eating healthily — simply by repeating actions until they stick.”

The smart approach is:

  • Set clear intention
  • be specific in the desired behaviour or mindset
  • Assert supportive, constructive and confident inner-dialogue
  • Practice the power of repetition
  •  Include people who care for your wellbeing to give you feedbacks

You can learn valuable strategies to gain self love and create a better reality by listening to Maria Shriver’s talk to Marisa Peer, bestselling author and therapist on “Meaningful Conversations Podcast.” 

Watch the short video:

Featured image by Annegien

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