Can you Re-wire Your Brain To Influence Your Reality?

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”

Thomas Edison

Apparently, it can be done! Our subconscious can be directed to influence our conscious level. We need to access the portal to begin with. There are five distinct brain wave frequencies in neuroscience, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and the lesser-known Gamma. These brain wave frequencies are generated by millions of neurons that connect and communicate through small electrical currents, changing depending on stimuli.

Learning to bridge conscious to the subconscious is to switch our brain’s activity to a deep relaxation state known as the Alpha brainwave. A meditative state of integrating mind and body to be calm and relaxed. The best time to reach the Alpha brainwave (8 to 12 HZ) is before we sleep at night or right after waking up in the morning (when our brain is still in Theta).

From this state, we can reach the Theta waves (3 to 8 HZ) to communicate with our subconscious and have the power to create. In Theta, our senses are focused internally, and we are in a dream. A place that we become aware of all our information, from our past to our fears or having novel ideas. We can align our subconscious with our hearts, desires, inner voice, and, most importantly, bypass our limiting beliefs.

To program your mind to flow between these brainwave frequencies, you need to apply the visualization techniques:

    • Set your intention
    • Make sure your goals or desire for change are in harmony with each other
    • Record your intentions or affirmations
    • Choose relaxing background music for your recording, preferably a Theta brainwave music (here is an example)

Start meditating! Listen to your voice purposefully and you will be able to transform your energy to create your intended desires.

Featured image: Leo Patzelt

One thought on “Can you Re-wire Your Brain To Influence Your Reality?”

  1. Thank you for your wellbeing brain 🧠 frequency music. It’s very relaxing and something that I need to reprogram my my subconscious brain, from all of the negative programing, of my childhood from a jealous negative mother. So thank for this frequency.


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