How To Control Yourself When Your Emotions Get The Best Of You!

Have you recently sat down and unpacked your thoughts and ask yourself: what are the things that you do repeatedly that keep you from reaching your potential?

Why this question? Because how you live your life matters. How you deal with your emotions matter. Most of your life, you acquire knowledge to have a point, to set goals and lead a meaningful life. You probe into your conscious and allow your intelligence to guide you constructively. You tap into skills & capabilities nested in you as a result of your education, experience and privileges in life with its triumph and setbacks.

Now, if your perspective is that the world is in progress, you are a strong believer in growth and advancement. Surely, this point of view starts with self-progress. A mindset that understands positive thinking is about emotional agility and not avoidance. We all hear disturbing news and every day there is a painful event happening in one part of the world, however, the reality is that evolutionary progress is taking place and we are moving forward.

So, next time your enthusiasm is ebbing away or you feel stressed, sit down to investigate your inner feelings and thoughts, make sure to remind yourself of the dynamic of your emotions and your ability to wean off the habit of instant gratification with mindfulness techniques. (You can refer to the mindfulness series to learn about the foundations of practice).

Few points to think about:

  • Recognize the emotions you are facing
  • Label them – Upset, fear, anger,…
  • Understand that you can step out of the unpleasant situation to gain control and re-energize
  • Negotiate with yourself on how to express your feelings whether is anger or worry at the right time and in what dosage
  • Re-orient yourself. This process entails making the decision to act in a way that is in harmony with your rational self & values
  • Align your behaviour with your goal and detach your intention from ego
  • Use your imagination for the best outcome

Clearly, it is crucial to get control of your emotions before taking any initiative. As your best judgement is unavailable when you are boiling with anger or scared.

Remember that you have a choice towards a path of stagnation which will lead to depression or the sweet sake of manifesting yourself congruently with your potentials and powerful capable self.


Featured image by Rodney Smith.




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