Positive Vibes Series

Work With Your Strengths To Experience The State Of Flow – Positive Vibes Series

Clearly, it is rewarding to work with your strengths, yet, the question is how do you recognize your strengths? When it comes to assessing what you are good at, the understanding can become fuzzy. At this stage, you are at risk of underperforming or be conceited which is totally different from being self-confident. Consequently, this state of confusion brings about indecisiveness which is a good thing if you tend to it. How? Well:

  • Uncertainties and doubts raise questions
  • You will start filling self-analysis exercises
  • Spotting patterns that suggest your forte
  • You reach out to pragmatic family, friends, and colleagues to seek feedback
  • Taking note of what you have learned, you draw a self-portrait and create an action plan to make effective use of your strengths.
Jean-Michel Bihorel
Jean-Michel Bihorel

Importantly, the activity should also include identifying your weaknesses. Upon reflection, recognizing your imperfections and where you need to improve on surely become one of your strongest strength. Make sure that this self-awareness inspires you and creates a commitment to self-improvement. However, the problem rises if you spend your energy trying to improve your weakness rather than exploring and practicing your strengths once you have uncovered them. J.K Rowling focused solely on her creative mind and writing skills instead of improving her lack of organizational skills. In an interview, she said: “I am one of the most disorganized people in the world and, as I later proved, the worst secretary ever,”. Or in a sport setting, for instance a soccer coach spots the core strength and ensures that the player is placed in a position to accentuate its strength.

It is a known fact that when you use your strengths you will be happier. The evidence lies in extensive research based on positive psychology interventions. The idea that brings your focus on using your “signature strengths” in a new way. A treatment method or “intentional activities aim to cultivate positive feelings, behaviors, or cognitions” (Sin and Lyubomirsky, 2009, p. 468). Hence, if you are aiming to progress while maintaining and boosting the wellbeing of your mental state, learn to leverage your strengths to reach your goals. And remember strength is characterized as a trait that:

  • Energizes you
  • Makes you stronger
  • Makes you thrive
  • It engages you
  • Fulfills you
  • Notably, it leads you to be in the zone or a flow state – which is a mental state that keeps you fully involved and feels with joy so that you are completely absorbed in the activity.


Bruno Birkhofer Photography
Bruno Birkhofer Photography


Featured image by Bruno Birkhofer Photography 

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