As earthlings, we look for understanding, novelty, insights, and we care to share what we have learned, and here at Jupilings, we explore diverse perspectives to cultivate and refine our skills for 21st-century living and curate lush accessories and unique experiences for your next indulgence.

Here is Jupilings raison d’être:

  • We love to amplify the online visibility of emerging and established creatives and entrepreneurs.
  • We are eager to learn about passion and determination and how different individuals harness their creativity to move forward.
  • We search for ways to improve and strengthen our thought processes and capabilities!
  • We hunt and discover unique experiences, refined and luxury items to share with you!
  • We interview to learn from visionaries, trend-setters, and creatives!

As for the word Jupilings, it is a fictional name for the inhabitants of Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is a planet that is associated with bounty and prosperity, representing optimism, mental and spiritual growth, gratitude, honour, and enlightenment. Largely, on the upside, Jupiter magnifies everything it touches. For this reason, the word “Jupilings” was conceived to spotlight the qualities of creative individuals and unique items.



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