Bertoni 1949 -Men Bags 2017 Collection

Transformation of 15th century pouches to elegant bags are artistically carried out by Bertoni 1949. The Bertoni family has created with passion and dedication line of stylish trunks, travel suitcases and bags since 1949. The attention to details and functionality of each line crafted with goatskin, crocodiles & alligators, wood calf leather skins treated with … More Bertoni 1949 -Men Bags 2017 Collection

Golden Concept – Luxury Brand

No matter where we live our relationship with our mobile phones is exceedingly special, vital and entertaining. We connect, communicate, set boundaries, protect all the same we carry them all day. Whether mobiles are necessity or luxury, they become a tool for self-expression, and we accessorize it to match our lifestyle and personality. Naturally luxury is … More Golden Concept – Luxury Brand

Sell Your Music

How do you shine in this digital age? Making music, recording and distributing can all be done without ever leaving your room. The internet offers endless opportunities, harnessing the possibilities requires effective strategy. As an artist/musician, you want your music to touch peoples’ heart and soul, you want to be remembered.  Whether you are just … More Sell Your Music