Luxury Brands and Sustainability​

There’s no greater gift than thinking that you had some impact on the world, for the better.

Gloria Steinem

In today’s word, the meaning of luxury in fashion has evolved from serving to distinguish social status to involving exclusivity, being timeless, offering impeccable craftsmanship and last but not least use of sustainable practices. Ethical luxury fashion brands are being mindful of this shift and the dynamics of these social-cultural changes. Whether private or public, the consumers and investors evaluate and form an opinion on the fashion brands based on their ethical sourcing to production, and their balanced, diversified and fair governance.  The truth is that the informed and connected stakeholders care about our planet and definitely, this is not a fad!  They have the power to boycott a brand, and unquestionably they care about their future. These standards echo the sentiment of the 21st century.

The mindfulness of modern society has influenced the creators and investors to reconsider the factors of evaluation and profit. The common thread for all is sustainability. Clearly, the short-term profitability is important still, staying the darling of the luxury aficionados community is about masterminding sustainable policies and directions. Introducing quality products that benefit everyone including the whole supply chain and our planet’s natural resources must be the grand title of their brand strategy.

The conscious luxury brands such as Gabriela Hearst, a New York-based fashion designer has proven that her investment in ethical sourcing and the use of environmentally friendly materials in her collections are beneficial for her clientele, business and our planet. Her conviction that sustainability is necessary for high luxury fashion is apparent in every stage of her fashion sphere. Manos del Uruguay, a 50-year-old nonprofit that empowers rural women, manufactures Hearst’s fluffy cashmere. Or creating bags to raise funds for Save the Children’s relief efforts in the drought-stricken Turkana region of Kenya. Her philosophy to conserve and repurpose or that quality outshines quantity, “I tell people to buy one good thing of quality, not five cheap things”, is admirable in an industry that flourishes on desirability and consumption.


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 1.02.28 AM
Nina Bag by Gabriel Hearst



Baume & Mercier’s, one of Richemont’s eight watch brands, shares the same value and vision of the mindful consumers. Their commitment to the ethical use of natural sources such as diamond and gold, leathers that respect the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and their partnership with NGO 1001 Fontaines & College Champittet to provide access to drinking water in Cambodia, represents this century’s mindset.


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 1.18.11 AM



According to McKinsey & Company, 70 per cent of consumers are willing to pay some premium for items produced sustainably, based on responses of 90 department store buyers in 25 countries responsible for 50 billion euros in the annual purchase. These figures strongly suggest that investing in sustainable technology to produce quality while helping local communities to thrive from their work will be rewarding for all concerned.  This approach supported with government policies will satisfy the expectations of the subconscious desires and excitement of the consumption, and the result will quench the investor’s appetite.

The customer’s concern over environmental waste, human rights violations or wrongdoings, has impelled the investors to care about the true nature of impacts of luxury brands whether in local communities around the world, within their workforce in bustling cities or on nature since these positions determine the outcome for shareholders.

In 2018, Burberry was named the leading luxury brand in Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The British heritage label explored and implemented socially and environmentally responsible practices from investing in the communities to taking measures to partner with sustainable luxury company Elvis & Kresse to turn 120 tonnes of wasted leather offcuts into saleable products. It has also obtained 48 per cent of its total energy from renewable sources, an increase of 24 per cent from the previous year. 

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Empowering marginalized communities and protecting the planet drive innovation and fosters growth for all inhabitants on earth. It takes courage and moral judgement to initiate positive impact and bring together socially driven enterprises and investors to launch and scale these ventures.  The luxury brands together with social investing funds are responsible to take action and be transparent vis a vis their sustainability initiatives. At the same time, consumers need to start re-thinking their purchasing habits and embody socially-good causes into their decision making. Cultivating the belief that style is a reflection of our attitude, which can be used to make a positive impact and not just an impression, is effortlessly sophisticated. 

Featured image from Harper Bazaar 

Sell Your Music

How do you shine in this digital age? Making music, recording and distributing can all be done without ever leaving your room. The internet offers endless opportunities, harnessing the possibilities requires effective strategy. As an artist/musician, you want your music to touch peoples’ heart and soul, you want to be remembered.  Whether you are just starting out or have some experience, you are ready to share your talent with the world. You have to prepare yourself mentally and focus on who you are and what actions you should take to represent your true self. Understand your expectations and reflect upon them. Be ready to embrace success. Once you are clear about your expectations you can take command and have a strategic action plan to connect with your audience and promote your music in tune with YOU.

Here are few steps to consider for your promotion:

Collaboration with other musicians, takes you in front of their fans. Identify musicians in your genre, and start with artists that are slightly more established than yourself. With an added impulse for them, your association will pave the road for your next approach to a more popular band and work your way up. Connect with music groups, either in Twitter chats or Facebook groups. Network, exchange ideas, support and inquire about gigging, recording, tour collaboration.

Promotion through media outlets, is similar to working with other acts. Start with smaller platforms, network and use their logos on your page or website. Gradually build up your resume and bigger outlets, TV Channels and websites will seek you and offer good exposure.

Your own website is your online starting point. First impressions count, investment on your own website allows you to control your contents, brand image, arrange your social media and widgets in one place aside from the flexibility to create polls and fan clubs. Include sponsors, create tailored advertisement without adhering to specific guidelines placed by 3rd party website. Certainly, it’s easier to manage your ranking and search engine results through your own domain name.  You have the opportunity to build personal relationship with visitors and build a fan base. It’s absolutely necessary to be on 3rd party social media platforms, however be aware that they might not be as popular down the road and they might even shut down.

Be Social, but don’t try to be everywhere. Choose one or two social platforms and have a marketing strategy.  Understand your goals, do you want to promote your album, sell tickets, raise funds, increase your followers or connect with the influencers? Who are your super fans? Where and how you can reach them? Have concrete and realistic goals. First, create magnetic profile and start posting entertaining, valuable and illuminating posts in the form of music, images, blogs, videos, vines, podcasts…, on regular basis. Be consistent with your schedule and ensure that your fans join in the conversation and leave a comment. Be approachable, share contents such as your recording experience with an amusing vine post, create a witty meme, in it’s growth and peek stage, that communicates your brand, make an impromptu artful video with your smart phone or make photo series that you post on instagram, in a period of time and add a message to each post.

Interaction with your fans, engage them to create contents. A well-received method is to ask your fans to interpret your songs with a creative videos and share them on instagram. The result is a fantastic website with inspiring and creative contents. Encourage them to share poems or art forms for your next album cover.

Although, having a long term strategy and investing in your public relation marketing will promote your music in a turbo fashion, it is vitally important to know who you want to become prior to what you need to do.