Jewellery Inspired by Constellations – Gift Series

Fine jewellery is the best option to mark a milestone. It captures a special moment, serves as wealth security, and its functionality is everlasting.  A self-expressive fashion statement that can be worn to different occasions from job interviews to special moments. Every week we will introduce our selection of elegant, trendy and unique fine jewellery from … More Jewellery Inspired by Constellations – Gift Series

Men’s Jewellery Guide Fall/Winter 2017

Careful selection of jewellery allows the nondescript style to make a statement. Your wardrobe selection whether is subtle or festooned should allow pieces of jewellery that grace your getup. Since 25,000 years ago, a simple necklace made of fish bones to present day diamond studded jewellery, they reflect a sentiment. As part of our interactions, jewellery is … More Men’s Jewellery Guide Fall/Winter 2017

Italian Jewelry designer to watch – Leonardi Emanuele

Leonardi Emanuele, experimental sculptor and winner of Artistar 2017 is channelling human sentiments into his craft. His art speaks at a deep, emotional level, eliciting sublime feelings and aesthetic chills. His micro sculptures portray characters that are unwavering, supportive or crusading. His philosophical approach to body ornaments is powerful and has a symbiotic relationship between … More Italian Jewelry designer to watch – Leonardi Emanuele