Communicate Clearly – Positive Vibes Series

What separates us from other animals is the use of language. Animals do communicate in many other ways, through smell, dancing or touching,… still what sets us apart is our verbal expression and importantly our ability to communicate clearly. It is not always easy to communicate your thoughts, the use of words might be misunderstood and … More Communicate Clearly – Positive Vibes Series

The Power Of Patience – Foundation of Mindfulness #2

What patience is not is tolerance. It is wisdom to recognize that things unfold in their own way and there is always a motive or explanations behind crude incidences or maddening behaviours of people. Patience is to grasp that the expediency of an act such as getting angry does not clarify or resolve frustration encountered … More The Power Of Patience – Foundation of Mindfulness #2

7 Mantras for Success

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. Almost invariably,  the psychological skills used in sports can positively be translated into the business or personal world if adopted with conviction. In many common instances, such as being under pressure, challenged, receiving a reward or being in a competition, the mental skills of … More 7 Mantras for Success