Interview with Visual Artist, Faith XLVII

Street art is one of the powerful forms of self-expression that Faith XLVII, an internationally-acclaimed visual artist from South Africa uses to touch souls, to raise hope or to expose hurt and oppression. Each and every time a metamorphosised perspective comes to light through her creations from raising questions about issues that affect our daily lives … More Interview with Visual Artist, Faith XLVII

Modern Luxury – Trends in Branding

The new modern luxury roars freedom, flexibility, and eccentricity.  The collaboration of stylish streetwear with luxury brands, genderless approach, quirky brand images and the flair of uniqueness rattles the traditions.  As our planet moves towards positive partnerships and collaborative sentiments to create flourishing communities, the luxury style is powered by acceptance, inclusion, affiliation, and sustainability. … More Modern Luxury – Trends in Branding